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Stroke Raleigh, NC


More than 700,000 people suffer from stroke each year in the United States and approximately two-thirds of these individuals require rehabilitation. The goals of rehabilitation are to reintroduce patient independence and to strive for the best possible quality of life. Physical therapy works to assess patient’s strength, endurance, range of motion, gait abnormalities, and sensory deficits to design individualized rehabilitations programs aimed to regain control over motor functions. This is done by initiating programs which emphasize practicing isolated movements, repeatedly changing from one kind of movement to another, and rehearsing complex movements that require both coordination and balance, such as walking up or down stairs or moving safely between obstacles.

Though rehabilitation will be unable to absolve the effects of stroke in their entirety given that it cannot reverse brain damage, rehabilitation does have the ability to substantially decrease severity of symptoms and subsequently achieve the best possible long-term outcome. For more information, Contact us at Raleigh, NC center.

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