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Multiple Sclerosis Raleigh, NC

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is one of the most common neurological diseases of young adults. Symptoms may develop quickly or slowly; however, regardless of the rate of progression, initiation of therapy is advised as soon as possible after a definite diagnosis of MS. Rehabilitation is directed toward maximizing function, preventing unnecessary complications, and empowering individuals to realize their highest potential in regards to improving overall quality of life.

Although rehabilitation will not eliminate neurological damage in MS, it can severely reduce overall disability and enhance patient’s functioning level. Rehabilitation recognizes both the client’s and family members’ priorities and values; considering not only the patient’s home environment but also community resources, medical issues, history of disease, and the cognitive and affective status of the individual. Physical therapy works to not only regain strength, coordination, balance, range of motion, and other symptoms secondary to diagnosis of MS, but it also works to maximize functional independence, minimize complication and problems due to decreased mobility, compensate for loss of function, and increase quality of life. For more information, Contact us at Raleigh, NC center.

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